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We are an established, accredited and trusted aircon service company that specializes in the field of air conditioning.

Our core business includes providing quality aircon service, installation and aircon repair for residential and commercial premises. Our vast experiences enable us to provide our client with timely, cost-effective and professional service. Excellence in quality and service is our commitment to you.

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Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd Mission

Our Mission

We believes in a structure and systematic approach in business dealing, so as to provide our client a clear understanding of their household assets at a glance. We will continue to find ways to reduce the cost of engaging a maintenance program with us, without accommodating to the usage of inferior products.

Up Your Home Services Sdn Bhd Vision

Our Vision

To provide a professional and yet affordable air conditioning maintenance program for everyone.  So that as a whole we can help reduce the burden on mother earth

Provide professional and quality aircon services to our customers.

Represent a prestigious principal company in terms of sales and technical support.

Be able to advance with future air conditioning technologies.

Experience & Expertise

Our company has been in the air conditioning industry for the past 15 years and our technical teams have acculmulated vast experiences in various air conditioner services. We are also actively training our technician to advance their knowledge in new technology. Our advancement in technical skill enable us to provide highly complex circuit board repair which is hardly available in the market. Apart from technical knowledge, our technical personnel were also taught in interpersonal skill to meet complex customer needs.

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